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Their ways of understanding fill the steel basin,

As they want, not a drop more or less.

Let the stillness reflect their feelings,

Cool as floor tile, sharp as business kills.


Everyone heard about those stock market uncertainties.

The king hangs off the rung above,

Tersely slips a heating plate underneath,

Set to boil. Bubble over, let the liquid

Take its place, rain running fire starter.


Disguised in crystal clear, the liquid’s granulated sugar water,

Fore the king charms the bees, ants, and all naive.

The bishop passes down his orders, sacrifices his pawns,

And is wooed he will not be next.

Somebody please, bring a towel, this has gotten to be quite a mess.


When a pawn warns their bishop,

He can only watch the signal flare with unmoving eyes.

Cold and silent, their ways of understanding fill the basin,

But there’s not enough for anyone else, but the king and the game.




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I need to finger-paint

Like I used to;

Go fucking crazy.


Fire hydrants the color of public pool floors,

Shimmering in the sun,

Dotted with flecks of flaxen

From teenyboppers, splashing,

Framed by myrtle sidewalks

That melt off the canvas.


I want to smudge her face

Of mauve clouds absconding from

A single cracked mason jar

Brimming of rose petaled skies.

Drench my hands in bubbling color and

Drag my knuckles through her oily eyes.

Thwarting a limit until

I add a drop or two of

Violet, milky tears to finish the picture.

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My diamond in the sky is liquefying,

Melting into the clouds that merge,

Dripping down its cyan canvas,

Catching airplanes in mid-air,

Killing off engines,

Sending them along their way,

Plummeting downward.

Deep into the dark Atlantic oozecean in black rucksacks.


My eyes are like frag grenades,

Yours truly.


And here you are,

Licking your lips after indulging in a lemon.

Nonchalantly plucking hairs off the arms

Of my grandfather clock.


My sight is curtailed

And excavated of color,

Under your orders.

Did you find something worth your while?

Fill them up with cement,

And write your initials before letting dry?

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